First Half Parenting with Paul and Sherri Peterson

Parenting kids in the First Half (infancy - middle school) is challenging, but you can do it and even enjoy the process! We have done it six times and learned some things along the way! Join us in this conversation as we discuss how to become successful First Half Parents!

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Your child's daily schedule (their calendar) is an INCREDIBLY powerful tool for First Half Parents!
Your kids are doing things and going places with people... they are listening to them too. What and who they listen to is shaping who they will become!
In this episode, Paul and Sherri discuss how to leverage the calendar (and the car and wallet) to positively shape your child's future!
You can hear part one of this discussion here and the second part here.

Friday Mar 22, 2024

You know that you are "the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time." This is true for your kids too! Their friends are talking, and your kids are listening! 
In this episode, Paul and Sherri talk about the importance of helping your children pick good friends.
This is part two of a three-part series called, "Listening and Learning." You can hear part-one here.

Saturday Mar 09, 2024

In part one of a three-part series, Paul and Sherri talk about why it is important to LISTEN in a world that talks a lot. 
Did you know that the best way to teach your kids to listen is to LISTEN FIRST? Listen to this podcast and you'll see why!!!

Friday Feb 09, 2024

In this episode, Paul and Sherri discuss the idea that personal finances have public consequences. They also share ideas and practices that will help you help your children spend wisely and avoid debt!
This is the third in a three-part series on money. You can listen to part one here and part two here.

Friday Jan 26, 2024

In this episode, Paul and Sherri, explain why GIVING and SAVING are a critical part of any financial plan, and why every child should start doing them TODAY!
Remember, "Parents are the number one influence on their children’s financial behaviors, so it’s up to us to raise a generation of mindful consumers, investors, savers, and givers.” Beth Kobliner, Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even if You’re Not)

Friday Jan 12, 2024

In this episode, Paul and Sherri talk about the value of work (SECRET: Every child can and should work).
They give a three-step plan you can use TODAY to help your kids work and do good work that even they will appreciate!
This is the first of a three-part discussion on MONEY!

8- Parenting with a heavy heart

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

In this episode, Paul and Sherri talk about parenting older children, dealing with disappointment, having difficult conversations, and loving when you are hurt. 
They also share some ideas that will help you parent well through your pain.

Friday Jul 28, 2023

In this episode, Paul and Sherri talk about how to recover from a parenting mistake! It's "Baby Step #6 - Call Mulligans."
Every parent makes mistakes... learn how to recover well so you don't damage those "Rubber Picassos"! (You'll understand "Rubber Picassos" after you listen to this conversation).

Sunday Jul 09, 2023

In this episode, Paul and Sherri discuss the "5th Baby Step" in the First Half Parenting Journey... Do Discipline That Works!
If you have wondered how to discipline your kids, this episode is for you!

Thursday Jun 22, 2023

Paul and Sherri discuss Baby Step "#4, "Get a Ph.D. in Your Child", but first they discuss and laugh their way through the "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. They also share some regret in the "guitar that was never played" story.

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